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Current Projects

I have a lot of side projects, so they have a tendency to all progress very slowly. This list has also, historically, been very out-of-date, so we'll see if it continues that trend. (Last updated: April 23, 2016)

You Can Solve the Schrödinger Equation

My YouTube series teaches how to solve the Schrödinger equation of quantum physics without needing to know any advanced math in advance. I swear, it's still a current project, even though it's been over 2 years since episode 5! I've been preparing, working on Houdini assets to make the diagrams easier to make, and editing episode 6.

Houdini Charts

Related to You Can Solve the Schrödinger Equation, I've been working on a set of tools for managing data and making plots/charts in Houdini. I've already made an asset to load in tables of data, another to create text geometry from text data on points, an equation solver / fitter / plotter / minimizer, and an asset for number formatting. I still have to make one for stylized lines, as well as one for data markers and one to put everything onto a set of axes.

Heavy Metal Cello

I've written and recorded one heavy metal cello song, and just need to edit the takes together, then make a music video and put it online. I've started writing another, but I don't know if it'll go anywhere.

Quantum Simulator

I have an idea for a new type of adiabatic quantum algorithm, but to know whether it's actually any good, I need to finish writing a simulator for it and run a lot of simulations.

Wieniawski's 2nd ViolinCello Concerto

I quite enjoy Wieniawski's 2nd Violin Concerto, and I've transcribed and transposed the solo part down an octave and a fifth for cello, and I've transcribed and transposed all of the orchestral parts too. Now, I'm cleaning up the draft to try to fix any mistakes or issues. I plan to release it royalty-free once I'm done, so that nobody else has to go through this effort, again.

Past Projects

Inventor IDE

Inventor IDE

In an effort to finally have a low-level software development system that has the built-in capabilities I need, I've made my own. It's got a lot of cool/useful stuff packed into it.

Your Own Operating System

Your Own Operating System

This was an exciting project for my undergrad honours project, but didn't amount to much more. It's an OS designed to be optimal for High-Performance Computing and to be easy for others to modify. Good organization and documentation were key.

Visualizing Higher-Dimensional Data

Visualizing Higher-Dimensional Data

People who've had to work with data in more dimensions than 3 know that there are few good options for viewing that data. This gives a way of viewing certain types of data in up to 12 dimensions, especially to analyse exponential solution spaces and how algorithms search them. This was my project for the Computational Geometry course at Carleton University.

Java Game Editor

Java Game Editor

This was a handy editor and engine for creating 2D tile-based games in Java. I haven't posted it online since it hasn't been a priority and I haven't worked on it in a long time, but if anyone really wants it, I'd be glad to post it; just send me an email.