Neil Dickson - Hypercube

Download Inventor IDE

People who've had to work with data in more dimensions than 3 know that there are few good options for viewing that data. This gives a way of viewing certain types of data in up to 12 dimensions, especially to analyse exponential solution spaces and how algorithms search them. This was my project for the Computational Geometry course at Carleton University (COMP 5008).

Here's a document describing the visualization (also in PDF). I haven't had time to write up details of how the code works yet, but here's the viewer executable to view these sample visualization files: rotation, rotation & search graph, rotation & search tree, no rotation, no rotation & search graph, no rotation & search tree showing the execution of a simulated annealing algorithm on a 12-node Maximum Independent Set problem on a 12-D hypercube. To view a visualization, simply download the viewer and a sample visualization and unzip them into the same directory, then run Hypercube.exe. Here's a screenshot of the one without rotation and with the search tree (click for full resolution). I highly recommend viewing one with rotation, because it's a cool effect giving a better idea of the hypercube's structure.

Screenshot of 12-D Hypercube with Search Tree